Talking Talent: Building an Employer Value Proposition and Employer Brand for the Future, Part Two

This is the second Talking Talent episode in a two-part conversation about employer value propositions and employer branding. You can listen to the first part of our conversation here. 

After building a strong EVP and employer brand, employers face the challenge of effectively promoting and marketing that brand to candidates and employees. The roll-out and management of an employer brand platform are just as important as the care taken to research and craft that positioning.

For many organizations, it’s easy to show enthusiasm while developing a new EVP, but that same enthusiasm needs to continue through the internal and external launches.

To talk about this, joining us is Simon Wright, Managing Partner of Talent Advisory here at PeopleScout.

With more 20 years of experience in RPO and talent management consulting, Simon brings a global perspective to talent acquisition and engagement—having spent time living and working across the EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions.

As Managing Partner for our Talent Advisory practice, Simon is a trusted advisor to HR and talent leaders. Operating at a strategic level, Simon has a proven track record of building and driving creative and innovative strategic talent programs that positively impact business performance. 

Simon leads an industry-leading (and award-winning) multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts across the talent lifecycle – including employer brand and EVP, assessment and development, and diversity and inclusion – who deliver impressive outcomes for clients across a range of industries and sectors.

In this episode, Simon explains the importance of an effective internal roll-out and he provides practical advice on how to manage sharing your EVP internally. Then, he explains how to infuse your EVP through every step of the candidate experience. Finally, Simon lays out how you can find a talent advisory partner to help you develop a strong EVP and employer brand for the future. You can listen to the first Talking Talent episode on EVP and employer brand here.

Post by Nicole Fuqua

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