5 Ways Project RPO Can Boost Your Talent Acquisition Program Right Now [Infographic]

While the global economic landscape continues to fluctuate, many employers are looking for short-term talent acquisition support that can be set up quickly to gain agility in an unpredictable market. Rather than a full recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution, organizations are turning to project RPO. If you’re looking for recruitment support without making huge investment, PeopleScout can help.

Here are five ways PeopleScout’s Recruiter On-Demand™ can help you improve your recruitment outcomes without increasing your permanent recruiter headcount.

Check out this infographic to learn how to boost your recruitment agility with PeopleScout’s Recruiter On-Demand solution.

An infographic explaining the benefits of PeopleScout project RPO solutions, Recruiter On-Demand.

1. Save Time 

Recruiter On-Demand or project RPO can help you speed up your time-to-fill by handling all or part of the recruitment process. Typically, the implementation takes between two to four weeks, depending on the information we receive from clients, and we regularly exceed our rapid recruiter deployment schedule. 

2. Save Money 

PeopleScout’s Recruiter On-Demand solution rivals the capabilities and costs of traditional staffing agencies, but rather than a pay-per-hire model, it’s based on an hourly model, making it a cost-effective way to meet your talent needs. 

3. Reach Hard-to-Find Talent 

Project RPO is a great way to augment your in-house team by taking over the recruitment process for hard-to-fill roles due to skills shortages. Whether you need specialized IT, healthcare or manufacturing talent, our recruiters are assigned based on industry experience, not cost and availability. 

4. Gain Agility 

Recruiter On-Demand leverages our scalable recruitment teams and global delivery centers to help manage fluctuations in in hiring volumes, particularly for seasonal peaks, without the need for additional internal resources. Plus, we can seamlessly disengage once you fulfill your business objectives. 

5. Fill the Top of Your Funnel 

One of the common use cases of Recruiter On-Demand or project RPO is top-of-funnel sourcing. In this scenario, your ROD team works to fill the top of your recruitment funnel with more candidates. This gives your internal teams back time to review applications, interview candidates and make hiring decisions. 

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