Talking Talent: Getting the Most out of MSP

In this episode of Talking Talent, we talk about Managed Service Providers or MSPs.

An MSP is a contingent workforce management solution managed by an external organization that combines process, personal expertise and technology to support an organization’s gig, temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, independent contractor administration, Statement of Work hiring and other complex services such as vendor management.

There is a spectrum of organizations seeking MSP services – some are looking for the first time, others have mature programs focused on driving continuous improvements and others that are transitioning into a Total Workforce Solution. In this episode, we dig into the issues affecting MSP programs at all maturity levels.

Joining us is Jen Torres, Senior Vice President of Client Delivery at PeopleScout. Jen has more than 12 years’ experience as a partner to Fortune 100 companies seeking MSP solutions. Her creativity and innovation helped some of the country’s largest financial and technology institutions launch and develop workforce operations into industry-leading programs. She is known for her “passion for people” and excellence in leading custom workforce solutions with an emphasis on customer service.

Jen explains what leaders should consider if they are pursuing MSP services for the first time, what implementing a second or third generation program looks like and what steps organizations need to take if leaders want to transition to a total workforce solution. Jen also shares what technology means to a successful MSP or total workforce solutions program and what she’s excited about for the future of workforce management.

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Post by Nicole Fuqua