Compliance Corner: HR Compliance Trends for 2019

Compliance Corner: HR Compliance Trends for 2019

The compliance landscape is complicated. It’s a patchwork of laws that vary by state, county and even city, and it’s always changing. Local governments pass new laws, and courts constantly weigh in with different interpretations of those laws.

At the same time, remaining compliant is important for every employer. Even one compliance issue can cost thousands or even millions of dollars. It’s crucial to track every compliance development and to work with a talent partner who stays up to date on the legal landscape.

We’re always watching for compliance developments, and every year there are a few new trends. In this ebook, we’ll walk you through the biggest compliance trends for 2019 and what they mean for you. This ebook primarily covers compliance issues in the United States and North America.

We break down each issue, explain what it is, how it works in practice and what our experts expect looking ahead so that you can prepare for how these trends will evolve in the coming months.

Learn about these compliance trends:

  1. Equal pay and salary history bans
  2. Sexual harassment policies and training
  3. Marijuana in the workplace
  4. Data privacy
  5. Ban the box
  6. Paid sick leave
  7. Accommodations for pregnant and nursing employees
  8. Gig economy
  9. Paid family leave
  10. Arbitration agreements & class action waivers

Compliance Corner is a feature on the PeopleScout blog. Once a month, we’ll be featuring a compliance issue that’s in the news or on our minds. Understanding the patchwork of labor laws across the world is complicated, but it’s part of what we do best. If you have questions on the compliance issue discussed in this post, please reach out to your PeopleScout account team or contact us at

Post by Nicole Fuqua

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