Providing Workforce Planning Data to Support European Call Center Recruitment

Providing Workforce Planning Data to Support European Call Center Recruitment

Call center recruitment is essential for any enterprise in today’s customer-centric environment. A large multinational financial services provider identified five European countries where they could potentially open a bi- or tri-lingual contact center. They turned to PeopleScout—and our Talent Insights solution—to get the data they needed to understand which location had the best talent pool for their needs.

Labor market data provided for five countries
Labor market data provided for five countries
Provided data on size of talent pool and language capabilities
Provided data on size of talent pool and language capabilities
Added value with data to support DE&I and more
Added value with data to support DE&I and more


With dozens of contact centers in countries around the globe, the financial services organization wanted to simplify and optimize their operating model with multilingual hubs. The client asked PeopleScout to help them understand more about five shortlisted potential locations for these “super sites.” Time was of the essence with delivery of the insights required in just two weeks.


Our in-depth talent insights included:

  • Size of talent pool – The number of individuals working in the customer service sector in those locations
  • Languages spoken – The languages spoken by the talent pool within those locations
  • Cost of language ability – Any additional cost to hire people with particular language abilities in those locations
  • Demographic data – Age and gender data to support diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I) efforts as well as recruitment marketing messaging
  • Drivers and motivators – For candidates in each market to inform go-to-market messages that will resonate with each audience
  • Channel strategy and advertising tactics – To attract these audiences on their go-to websites and job boards
  • Candidate expectations – What candidates want from the recruitment process to enable an improved candidate experience
  • Salary expectations – How the employment offer might need to vary from location to location based on regional information

The Results

The PeopleScout Talent Insights team distilled their research into an easily digestible report. For each country, the report included:

  • A high-level summary of our findings and recommendations
  • An overview of market size broken down by active and passive job seekers
  • Highlights on “hot spot” locations within each country showing language capabilities and salary expectations
  • What customer service professionals are looking for from an employer
  • Job boards and websites favored by candidates in each country
  • Demographic details including gender and age as well as education and experience levels
  • Expectations for the candidate experience including timelines, number of interviews and likelihood to negotiate offers
call center recruitment market data
call center recruitment market data

The insight PeopleScout provided for each location equipped the client with valuable information that helped confirm the suitability of a location for their multilingual contact center. We were also able to provide them with additional analysis to define their proposition, shape their talent attraction strategy and inform their salary and compensation packages.

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: Global financial services organization
  • ABOUT THE CLIENT: This multinational insurance and financial services company offers personal and professional insurance products as well as asset management solutions.