The Changing Workforce of Life Science: Adapting to a New Era

Talent Recruitment Strategies to Stay Ahead of the Curve

From increased adoption of technology in scientific research to the growing demand for innovation in pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics, the global life science industry is changing rapidly, requiring recruitment teams to be agile to meet demand.  

With 87% of life science executives indicating that they’re experiencing skill gaps and expect to experience more within a few years, life science organizations must invest in better talent acquisition strategies to future-proof their workforce. 

In this ebook, we explore leading industry developments that are transforming the life science workforce: 

  • How demand for tech talent is reshaping the industry 
  • How innovation in medical research and patient care are creating skills gaps 
  • How the global push for sustainability and climate change initiatives is impacting the workforce 

Plus, learn how an RPO partner can help your life science organization rethink and remodel current recruitment strategies to overcome talent acquisition challenges.