Nicole Cook, Leader of PeopleScout in Australia and New Zealand, Featured in HRD Magazine

February 26, 2018

HRD, Human Resource Director Magazine, in Australia interviewed Nicole Cook, PeopleScout leader of Australia and New Zealand, in an article titled “What should employers look out for when considering RPO capability?”

Cook shared her insights about four factors employers should consider as they search for an RPO partner.

“Global demographic trends, shifting job requirements as a result of digitisation, the fourth industrial revolution and low unemployment rates in developed countries will continue to put pressure on an organisation’s search for top talent,” Cook told HRD. “Combined with this, there will also be a shift in the skills required, which presents an interesting challenge.”

Cook shared how PeopleScout is improving the candidate experience through the release of Affinix™, the company’s proprietary tech platform released in November 2017 to positive reception from industry analysts.

Cook also gave insights about how employers can explore Total Workforce Solutions and graduate recruitment strategies to solve complex hiring challenges.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Many leading RPOs are looking for ways to complement their services with an enhanced technology offering. For example, at PeopleScout, we recently launched our Affinix platform which takes a candidate-centric approach, putting the emphasis on the candidate experience. A recent article in Forbes suggested that 2018 will be the year of the end-to-end employee experience.

Where customer experience had been the focus, employee experience will now get the attention. Recruitment is at the very beginning of the employee experience. Employers with lengthy, complicated hiring processes that are built to meet the organisation’s needs rather than the candidate’s needs could be at a competitive disadvantage in industries where competition for talent is particularly high.”

Read the rest of the article What should employers look out for when considering RPO capability? on HRD’s website.