PeopleScout Featured as an Expert on the Skills Needed in the Post-Pandemic Workplace by Fast Company

November 9, 2020

Fast Company featured PeopleScout President Brannon Lacey in the recent article, “Six Skills Employees Will Need in the Post-Pandemic Workplace.” The article digs into the skills that will help employees thrive in the future.

“You have to be better with your words, you have to use brevity and levity to be successful getting thoughts and concepts across in an effective and efficient way,” Lacey said about the importance of communication management for the future.

Lacey also mentioned the importance of knowing the best platform for your message, whether its audio, video or another digital communication tool so that you keep your audience engaged but stave off Zoom fatigue.

Lacey also weighed in on the necessity of empathy, saying, “That’s helpful for everybody, not just the people who are trying to make their way through the chaos.”

Finally, Lacey spoke about adaptability. With so many employers operating in new and different ways, employees need to keep functioning through discomfort and take on stretch roles and projects. That can also mean finding new ways to collaborate and work through obstacles.

“You still need to be able to germinate that spark of innovation and produce results and be productive for the organization,” he said.

The article also lists the skills of self-direction, digital capabilities and motivational skills as being essential to succeed in the future.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The pandemic has created enormous changes in the workplace. Regardless of their jobs, employees needed to adapt rapidly to massive changes ranging from working remotely to changes in operations and fulfillment. But job skills were changing even before the pandemic.

Gartner data found that the number of skills required for a single job was increasing by 10% per year. And one-third of the skills listed in an average 2017 job posting would not be relevant by 2021. Gartner also found that role-based skills planning wasn’t helping organizations develop the right employee skill sets. Grouping unrelated skills doesn’t build the skills that will create competitive advantage.”

You can read more of “Six Skills Employees Will Need in the Post-Pandemic Workplace” on the Fast Company website.