Recruitment Technology at PeopleScout

Recruitment Technology at PeopleScout

Last week on the blog, we talked about seven technology trends impacting the talent acquisition industry. To learn more about those trends, download our ebook: Seven Tech Trends Shaping the Talent Landscape. Here at PeopleScout, we’re committed to technology and innovation because it gives us new ways to set our clients up for success.

We’re tracking all the emerging technologies to find the ones that work best for our clients’ specific needs. Here’s a few we’ve implemented with different clients.


HireVue is a video interviewing platform. The program allows for live and on-demand video interviews, and artificial intelligence technology can provide reports that analyze the verbal response, intonation and nonverbal communication. The technology can use that data to predict future job performance.

For one of our clients, we use HireVue to replace over-the-phone screening. Candidates typically take about three days to go through the process, which is faster than a typical phone screen. The candidates also say they like the process, with our client receiving an 85 net promoter score.


Motzie is a mobile application technology that allows candidates to apply on their cell phones and communicate with recruiters through SMS. The technology also offers geo-targeted advertisements, that target candidates in certain cities or zip codes through paid search, social media and job boards.

We use Motzie with a few of our select clients and find it works best for entry-level, hourly employees. We find the technology makes it quick and easy for candidates to apply because they only need to text a number and answer a few questions through SMS. This gives recruiters instant contact with candidates, which can speed up the hiring process.


Apploi is an applicant screening technology geared toward restaurants and retail stores. The app allows candidates to apply quickly through video, text or multiple choice questions instead of dropping off a resume or filling out a paper application in the location.

We use Apploi with some of our clients and find it works well for companies with multiple branches. They can keep a tablet with the app in the branch, and when a candidate comes in to apply, they can complete the application When the branch manager is looking to hire, they can just search through recent applicants for the most qualified candidates. We find the technology decreases the need for hiring events.

Olivia by Recruiting.Ai

Olivia is artificial intelligence technology that functions as a recruiting assistant. For candidates, the chatbot technology feels like talking with a real person and allows them to apply through a conversation instead of a long, impersonal process.

We’ve used Olivia on our internal PeopleScout careers site and seen a significant lift in candidate conversion in a short amount of time.