Sellafield: Transforming an Employer Brand to Engage Emerging Talent

Sellafield: Transforming an Employer Brand to Engage Emerging Talent

PeopleScout’s Talent Advisory revamped Sellafield Ltd’s employer brand for early careers talent.


As part of an ongoing transformational journey, Sellafield Ltd had redefined its values and strategy for the future. In response to this, they also needed to expand their schemes to attract and hire more graduates and placement students than ever before. They engaged PeopleScout to develop a new employer brand and visual identity that told their story across a range of channels—one that significantly increased applications.

Sellafield needed to hire 55 graduates and 50 students for placement. They were keen to reimagine their employer brand to reflect the opportunities that their organizational changes would bring.


The client agreed with us that a relaunch of the graduate and industrial placement schemes was required, to tell the story of their transformation and engage candidates across the breadth of disciplines.

We worked with Sellafield to develop an engaging employer value proposition (EVP). Using the EVP as a platform, our employer brand messaging and design conveyed the new vision and strategy, and what that meant for our target audiences, across a range of attraction materials.

This included careers fair materials, such as stands, leaflets and posters, and collateral for their online attraction strategy—social media, search engine pay-per-click ads and digital content for their careers website. We also supported our client with their approach to media channels and advertising on relevant job boards.


The new Sellafield EVP has had just under 1 million views across all channels. With almost 30,000 people clicking to their careers website from social media, Sellafield now has a higher number of visitors to their website—up 8% from the previous year. And, with around 1,500 applications, they’ve gained greater interest across all disciplines.

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: Sellafield Ltd
  • ANNUAL HIRES: 55 graduates and 50 students
  • ABOUT SELLAFIELD LTD: A pioneer for the UK’s nuclear industry, Sellafield Ltd is a global center for nuclear engineering management. They we set international standards in high-hazard reduction as they work to create a clean and safe environment for future generations.