Specialized Staff Recruitment at a Not-for-Profit Healthcare System

Specialized Staff Recruitment at a Not-for-Profit Healthcare System

A not-for-profit healthcare system serving New England engaged PeopleScout to support sourcing nursing candidates. The client’s facility has the only level III NICU and level I trauma center in the region, which created a need for specialized nursing staff.

Solution Highlights 

  • Contract renewed
  • Unfilled positions sourced within six weeks
  • Dedication and a quality partnership

Scope & Scale 

  • The client’s HR team had difficulty sourcing candidates who met the minimum education and experience requirements.
  • The client needed outside support to recruit staff for two additional facilities.
  • In-scope skills and positions included labor and delivery nurses, surgical nurses and emergency nurses.


PeopleScout deployed an on-demand recruiting solution with a virtual recruiter working offsite to source and recruit nursing talent.

PeopleScout supported the client’s internal team and is completely dedicated to sourcing and hiring specialized nursing talent.

PeopleScout developed a close relationship with the client’s hiring managers to better understand the needs and culture of the client to source candidates that closely align with the organization’s values and expectations.

PeopleScout monitored the regional labor market to identify recruiting opportunities at competitors or facilities closing operations or laying-off staff.

PeopleScout posted on job boards and updated content regularly on niche healthcare sites, social media and medical association sites to source both active and passive candidates.

To attract talent in a competitive labor market, PeopleScout positioned the client’s employer value proposition to better align with candidate expectations for career growth, sign-on bonuses and educational assistance.


Contract Renewed
As a result of the success of the program, the client renewed its initial 13-week contract with PeopleScout twice.

Unfilled Positions Sourced Within Six Weeks
In the first six weeks of the initial engagement, PeopleScout sourced and hired nurses for eight positions that had been previously unfilled for a year.

Dedication and a Quality Partnership
The client’s HR team valued the quality of the dedicated recruiter, and the relationship continued to improve with each engagement.