Talent Assessment: Bringing in Better with Passion, Purpose & Mindset

Most employers are still using legacy assessment processes that are ineffective in today’s competitive recruitment landscape. With the cost of one bad hire reaching as high as $50,000, it’s imperative that organizations ensure they’ve assessed candidates’ current skills, future potential and cultural fit.

So, how can you adjust your assessment process to bring in talent that will support their business now and into the future? In this book, Talent Assessment: Bringing in Better with Passion, Purpose and Mindset, we explore how employers can rethink their assessments to hire talent that will thrive.

In this ebook you will learn:

  • Why assessing only for knowledge and skills puts you at risk
  • How investing in technology helped one retailer modernize their assessments and improve the candidate experience
  • How to customize your assessments to find the right passion, purpose and mindset