Talking Talent: Transforming Talent Acquisition with Jeff Scott from BMO

In this episode of Talking Talent, we’re talking about how talent acquisition is transforming to become more strategic and drive business results.

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Traditionally, talent acquisition has operated reactively and administratively, buried in the HR business function. But with a tight talent market and increasing competition for the best workers, recruiters at market-leading companies are starting to work as advisory partners and talent acquisition is driving change rather than simply responding to it.

Joining us to talk about the transformation is a guest who is leading it at his own organization — Jeff Scott, Managing Director of Talent Acquisition for North America at BMO Financial Group.

Throughout his nearly 25-year career at BMO, Jeff has been known as a fixer, a change agent who has led enterprise transformation and refined North American operations in diverse areas such as technology development, procurement, learning, and now Talent Acquisition.

In his role at BMO, Jeff is leading an aggressive growth agenda to attract the best talent, create the highest caliber recruiting experience in the marketplace and to position BMO to “be the best, attracting the best.” Jeff is passionate about disrupting the status quo and loves to ask the question “Why not?”, apply a little common sense and bring everyone along for the ride.

In this episode, Jeff looks back at what the role of the recruiter has traditionally looked like and looks forward to how a talent advisor needs to function to drive recruiting success. He shares some specific steps he’s put in place at BMO to drive the change at his organization. He also gives advice for leaders who want to make the shift at their own organizations and explains how technology and RPO partnerships fit into best-in-class talent programs.

Post by Nicole Fuqua

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