NelsonHall Reports PeopleScout Improves the Candidate Experience with Affinix

January 18, 2018

NelsonHall’s HR Services Resource Director Gary Bragar featured PeopleScout’s Affinix™ technology in NelsonHall’s HR Services blog.

Affinix is a mobile-first, cloud-based platform that creates a consumer-like candidate experience and streamlines the sourcing process. Embedded within PeopleScout’s talent solutions, Affinix delivers speed and scalability while leveraging artificial intelligence, recruitment marketing, machine learning, predictive analytics and other emerging technologies with one point ATS and VMS integration and single sign-on.

“Affinix has the ability to engage candidates and communicate quickly to identify, screen, and assess the right talent for the job with the best likelihood of long tenure – which should go some way to meeting clients’ high expectations for the candidate communication process,” Bragar wrote.

PeopleScout released Affinix in November 2017.

“With Affinix, we enhance our ability to provide our clients with the edge in the people business by delivering the personalized and engaging experience that today’s candidates expect,” said Taryn Owen, PeopleScout’s president. “Affinix balances human expertise and automation, enabling PeopleScout to enhance talent intelligence by better leveraging the power of data gleaned from engaging millions of candidates and contingent associates every year.”

Here’s an excerpt from the blog post:

“Recent NelsonHall interviews with the clients of the top ~20 global RPO vendors revealed that candidate communication was rated the most important vendor characteristic, with an importance score of 96%. However, the satisfaction score for candidate communication across all vendor clients was 82%, falling some way short of client expectations.

Recognizing the importance of candidate satisfaction as integral to attracting and retaining talent, PeopleScout recently launched a new technology, Affinix, to improve candidate communication and the overall candidate experience.”

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