COVID-19 Series: The Waffle House Index and How a Structured Approach to Contingent Labor Can Ensure Business Continuity During a Crisis

As organizations around the globe confront the challenges presented by the coronavirus outbreak, even the most seasoned talent leaders find themselves in uncharted territory.

Months into the pandemic, we still face rising cases around the globe and continued uncertainty. However, for many organizations, it is important to keep the talent acquisition and workforce management function moving.

In that spirit, we’re sharing a conversation about how a structured approach to contingent labor can ensure business continuity during a crisis. This podcast is a recording of a Talking Talent Webinar. Our three panelists joined to talk about the Waffle House Index and how the concept can be applied to contingent labor.

In a hurricane, tornado or other catastrophic event across the American south, the Waffle House is one of the last or only businesses that remains open. The concept is so famous that FEMA has used the Waffle House Index for the last decade when assessing the severity of storms.

How does the restaurant chain do it? And how can you replicate that idea?

Our panelists are Jen Torres, Senior Vice President of Client Delivery at PeopleScout; David Corrigan, Business Development Manager at PeopleScout; and Nicki Chipp-Flohr, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at PeopleReady.

Jen Torres has more than 14 years of experience as a partner to Fortune 100 companies seeking managed workforce solutions. Her creativity and innovation helped some of the country’s largest financial and technology institutions launch and develop workforce operations into industry-leading programs. She is known for her passion for people and excellence in leading custom workforce solutions with emphasis on customer service.

Jen is personally passionate about involvement in volunteerism, diversity networks and with disability affinity groups that have a greater positive impact on the communities they operate in.

David Corrigan has more than 12 years of strategic sales experience across the talent landscape of workforce solutions, enterprise technology, and advisory services.

David maintains a deep understanding of industry trends, best practices, and business acumen. This foundational knowledge enables him to become a trusted advisor to his clients and deliver a high touch and relationship-centered experience. He takes a programmatic approach to identify, develop, and execute sales strategies, ensuring a measurable and accountable sales process.

With over 25 years’ experience in staffing and employment-related fields, Nicki Chipp-Flohr joined PeopleReady as Vice President, Strategic Accounts in February 2019. In this position, Nicki oversees growth, strategy and operations of PeopleReady’s national accounts.

Nicki brings expertise in crafting and leading solutions for national and multiple-unit, high-volume staffing accounts.

In addition to staffing, Nicki has worked in vendor management and managed/outsourced services, overseeing multiple SOWs and accounts. She has worked in various roles in her career, from recruitment and on-site management to multi-state and national leadership positions.

Post by Nicole Fuqua