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Vendor Management Systems

Leverage VMS technology to improve efficiency and deliver continuous improvement

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Vendor Management System Technology for Managing Outsourced Workforces

Getting the best talent at the best rates from staffing vendors requires a strong working relationship and the ability to continually identify ways to improve efficiency, productivity and bottom-line results. We are a recognized leader in vendor-neutral program management that accomplishes those goals. PeopleScout’s vendor management expertise delivers accountability, improved efficiency and continuous improvement across the entire contingent workforce.

We leverage the power of leading third-party Vendor Management Systems (VMS) to provide the kind of oversight and engagement that delivers improved performance and measurable ROI.

Partnerships with Third-Party VMS Providers

PeopleScout’s expertise with leading third-party VMS technologies such as Fieldglass and Beeline is based on more than a decade of strong working relationships with these firms as well as a number of others. We use these systems to successfully manage clients’ contingent labor programs, combining best-in-class technology with our proficiency in managing outsourced workforces.

Whether we are helping a client deploy the right-sized VMS system or simply integrating with an existing system, PeopleScout’s MSP teams have the know-how to configure the technology to provide exceptional visibility and analytics. This business intelligence can then be used to drive effective management and optimizes program performance.