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Creating Competitive Advantages with Total Workforce Solutions

PeopleScout is a global leader in Total Workforce Solutions. Total Workforce Solutions blend Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) capabilities in one integrated program. With Total Workforce Solutions, you can add value and reduce risk with full cycle, scalable RPO and MSP services or select specific solutions to meet your needs.

As trusted partners, PeopleScout drives operational excellence through practical solutions and customized implementations, dedicated, responsive and high-touch client teams, continuous program improvements and deep visibility into program data and analytics.

RPO: Our RPO solutions have a strong focus on methodology, measurable results and flexible solutions for every step of the hiring process. Learn More »

MSP: Each solution is customized to provide you with the best talent, seamless implementation, strong governance and compliance, comprehensive program management and tangible savings. Learn More »

Total Workforce Solutions: These solutions blend MSP with RPO capabilities in one integrated program to increase efficiency and visibility into your talent acquisition program.

Why Total Workforce Solutions?

The right strategic talent for any business may involve a mix of permanent and temporary positions. It can require mass recruiting as well as laser-focused searches, with metrics and analytics to track performance. With so much riding on talent, it’s no surprise that recruitment and employment strategy has become more complex. The changing world of work, talent scarcity, demand for improved analytics and technology and pressure for improved ROI on every recruitment dollar are all drivers in the logical development of blended, or bundled, service offerings.

If your goal is to provide total strategic talent acquisition with both contingent and permanent staff, consider Total Workforce Solutions.

Total Workforce Solutions Can Help Your Business Stay Ahead of the Following Industry Trends:

  • Growth in the contingent workforce: The temporary labor force grew 33% between 2009 and 2011
  • Demographic shifts: Some Generation X and Y employees prefer temporary work assignments to achieve greater work/life balance.
  • Economic forces: Firms continue to need flexibility to scale up or down given the volatile nature of the economy.
  • Technology: Technological advances make it possible to do high-value activities from remote locations.ce.
  • Globalization: Companies require the flexibility to access talent from different geographies.

Why Choose PeopleScout as your Total Workforce Solutions Partner?

  • We excel in large-volume, complex recruiting environments in North America and around the world.
  • We consult with our clients to implement and manage customized RPO and MSP programs, recruitment services and talent management.
  • We have proven experience in delivering results for our clients.
  • While we have proven experience in nearly every industry category, we specialize in aviation, food manufacturing, hospitality, communications, clinical research and environmental.
  • We make it easy for companies to hire efficiently, meet their businesses demands for growth, reduce cost, and improve visibility into their overall workforce spend.


Every team is different. We would be delighted to discuss your specific talent acquisition needs. Please get in touch.

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Featured White Paper 
Total Workforce Solutions: Optimize Talent Acquisition by Blending RPO and MSP

Today’s talent acquisition professionals face challenges finding the best people to achieve their organizations’ business strategies. If your goal is to provide total strategic talent acquisition, you need to consider both contingent and permanent staff. Total Workforce Solutions help you optimize your talent acquisition efforts by offering a full spectrum of solutions, including Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provider (MSP), in one streamlined program.

In this white paper from PeopleScout, learn how RPO and MSP programs have evolved as a response to the changing world of work and why the timing is right for your organization to adopt Total Workforce Solutions.

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