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PeopleScout celebrates The Power of Work to Change Lives and The Power of Work to Change the Future.

We recognize the importance of providing social support to our global community. At PeopleScout, we look for opportunities to change lives and shape the future by giving our time, money, and unique expertise. Giving is an essential aspect of the PeopleScout culture and we have been able to deliver projects and contributions beyond the size of our organization. These include projects in the United States, Australia, India and Tanzania thus far.

Through the PeopleScout Giving program, PeopleScout has been able to deliver projects and contributions on a local and global scale. In addition, we frequently join our clients for community engagement initiatives and we look for opportunities to involve clients in our major giving projects. PeopleScout aims to attract employees who understand this is a core part of who we are and therefore we have a high level of employee participation in our giving program.

Here is how we are doing our part.

World Homeless Day Sleepout – Centennial Park Sydney

As our way of recognizing the homeless on World Homeless Day, HRX developed the idea of running a ‘sleepout’ to raise funds for Sydney’s homeless youth, whereby participants slept out under the stars at Centennial Park for a night. We organized the event, involved our clients, raised money through sponsorships and volunteered on the night itself with the vending of food and drinks. All funds went to Mission Australia.

PeopleScout Hosts Skills for Chicagoland’s Future Roundtable Conference

The PeopleScout team hosted U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez for a roundtable discussion organized by Skills for Chicagoland’s Future, an initiative that partners with local employers to match them with qualified unemployed job seekers in Chicago and Cook County. Secretary Perez met with several PeopleScout employees who were placed in their current jobs through this program. Patrick Beharelle, now President and COO of TrueBlue, sits on the board for Skills for Chicagoland’s Future. “It’s an unfortunate fact that once an individual has been unemployed for a certain amount of time, they are at a disadvantage when competing with employed candidates for jobs,” Beharelle commented. “We’re proud to be working with Skills for Chicagoland’s Future to change that scenario.”

Educational Aid in Bangalore – India

In 2004, PeopleScout (previously Seaton) began providing support to the Bluebells school in Bangalore, India. The Bluebells school aims to provide students two meals a day, regular medical checkups, and a basic education including arithmetic, English, writing, social science, the arts, and character building. The school is extremely instrumental in the development of poverty-stricken children as it increases their chance of passing an entrance exam to a quality English school.

The schools are purposefully built near the underdeveloped areas, commonly referred to as slums, so that children are able to commute safely. Currently, there are 110 children enrolled in the Bluebells school. Although the children are only enrolled in the school’s Kindergarten program for two years, the time they spend in the school is extremely instrumental in their early development and increases their chance of passing an entrance exam to enroll in a quality English school. Knowledge of the English language and exposure to a nurturing environment has the power to transform the lives of these children in profound ways.

The School of St. Jude – Tanzania

Members of our team travelled to Tanzania to donate services and expertise to the School of St Jude. The school is an independent, sponsorship-supported institution that provides education for Tanzanian children from the lowest socio-economic backgrounds. We worked with the school to establish several projects, including support for their volunteer recruitment processes, an IT infrastructure project and development of a marketing video to drive sponsorships.

Food and Toy Drives

Year round, PeopleScout’s teams hold food and toy drives for less fortunate members of the community. PeopleScout recognizes that Spring and Summer are the toughest time for food pantries as donations are slow and demand is high. Typically, the holiday season is when food pantries see the highest volume of donations, but during Spring or Summer food pantries may close their doors due to bare shelves. PeopleScout holds food and toy drives to cater to this need and aims to continuously bring its employees together with year-round giving.

Running for CAM— Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide & Auckland

Every year, the PeopleScout HRX team organizes or participates in a number of charity programs as part of its giving initiative. For this particular year, our initiative became personal – one of our own employees, Cam, has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma, and we unanimously agreed that our next effort should in some way show support for him.

Our initiative, Running for Cam, was to organize a fun run to promote our values of healthy living as well as raise awareness and support for the Cancer Council. On a Friday afternoon in November, more than 50 people from our company participated in simultaneous fun runs organized in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Auckland. We walked and jogged over 600 kilometers, and despite recently undergoing a round of chemo, Cam himself made the effort to join the Perth contingent at the pub afterwards to celebrate their run. A huge effort! The overwhelming feedback from our employees was that the event was a great success. Overall, we raised over $40,000 for the Cancer Council.