Supporting Annual Graduate Recruitment for a Government Agency 

Supporting Annual Graduate Recruitment for a Government Agency

Early Careers Recruitment

Supporting Annual Graduate Recruitment for a Government Agency

PeopleScout supports the assessment center for a UK government agency’s annual graduate recruitment campaign for policy advisors to ensure candidate quality and fairness.

3,500 + applications assessed
140 candidates supported in assessment centers
4 weeks of assessment centers completed


This UK government agency runs an annual graduate recruitment campaign to hire quality early careers talent across their policy advisor team. They turned to PeopleScout to ensure this process remained consistent, fair and unbiased.  


The PeopleScout talent assessment team supports the agency’s graduate recruitment program each year, continuously improving campaigns year-on-year.  

Prior to the assessment center, PeopleScout organizes assessors to sift written exercises. Successful candidates then complete a bespoke Situational Judgement Test, which we designed specifically to assess how candidates would respond in true-to-life scenarios that employees will encounter in their roles at the agency. This sifts out approximately 30% of applicants who would be unlikely to succeed at the assessment center. 

Candidate then complete the assessment center, for which we provide assessors. The assessment includes a variety of exercises like role plays, interviews and structured policy conversations. These are freshly designed by the client each year, and PeopleScout supports by reviewing the materials for consistency and best practice.  

Our experienced assessment team provides an end-of-campaign analysis, adverse impact analysis and recommendations for continual improvement. For example, off the back of these recommendations, we worked collaboratively with our client to create an integration between Tazio and Microsoft Teams to create a smoother candidate and assessor experience in their virtual assessment centers.  


For this annual graduate recruitment campaign, PeopleScout assessed 3,697 applications, with 140 people completing the assessment center over 4 weeks. Ultimately, 53 candidates went on to work for the agency.  

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: UK Government Agency
  • INDUSTRY: Government & Public Sector
  • PEOPLESCOUT SOLUTIONS: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Advisory
  • ANNUAL HIRES: 50+ graduate policy advisors
  • ABOUT THE CLIENT: This UK government agency employs over 3,000 civil servants.

Creating a Values-Based Interview Framework for More Equitable Hiring

Creating a Values-Based Interview Framework for More Equitable Hiring

Talent Consutling

Creating a Values-Based Interview Framework for More Equitable Hiring

This UK airport wanted to create a more standardised process for interviews based on their organisational values. As their long-time RPO partner, PeopleScout’s Assessment Design team created a values-based interview framework to support hiring for six levels of seniority from entry level to director.


The airport’s talent acquisition leaders noticed that different teams across their organisation were conducting different types of interviews. They wanted to create a standardised process for interviews, which both measured potential and ensured fairness. They also wanted to embed their company values into their assessment process to secure talent who are in alignment with their organisational culture. 

This company turned to their RPO partner, PeopleScout, to transform their values into a multi-level interview framework.  


Our Assessment Design team got to work conducting desk research into the client’s existing values and created a template which was populated throughout the project. Consulting with the client in an iterative way, the designers set clear definitions for the values and created a collection of questions for each value. The client’s team reviewed a variety of options for interview question styles and decided what worked for them.  

These questions also corresponded to six levels of seniority—from entry level to director—totalling 36 banks of question. The question banks were organised in such a way that interviewers at the organisation could easily pick and mix questions for their needs. We also delivered scoring criteria to ensure fairness for all candidates.  


In the recruitment process, the new values-based interview framework has standardised and streamlined the interview stage. Now, our client is building the questions into an internal tech platform to make the interview process even easier for hiring managers.  

Beyond recruiting, the new framework has applications across the entire organisation to help employees understand how the organisation’s values are manifested in their role. This has catalysed a cultural change within the organisation as employees at all levels are thinking more about how they embody this company’s values in their daily work.  

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: UK Airport
  • INDUSTRY: Travel & Tourism
  • PEOPLESCOUT SOLUTIONS: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Advisory
  • ABOUT THE CLIENT: This UK airport has nearly 75,000 employees, making it one of the country’s largest single-site employers.

[Webinar] Hype or Happening? What Our Data Tells Us About AI in Recruiting

Webinar: Hype or Happening? What Our Data Tells Us About AI in Recruiting

We are bombarded with hype about the disruptive power of Generative AI, or Gen AI, on recruitment, including doom-laden, worst-case scenario predictions and claims that our existing talent assessment methods are already obsolete.

It is hard to make sense of all this to come to informed decisions about how we should respond to the new era of Gen AI. Much of what we see and hear is based on opinions, and the research reported focuses on the potential to disrupt rather than revealing the reality of what is actually happening right now.

At PeopleScout, we have responded to this confusion and lack of useful evidence by doing our own research. We wanted to look for evidence of real use cases and impact of Gen AI on job changers and live assessments—and what we found shines a different light on how candidates are using Gen AI in the real world.

Join us on Thursday 1 August at 10:00 GMT for a 30-minute webinar.


During this webinar, we will:

  • Debunk common myths and hype about Gen AI in recruiting.
  • Present real-world data and use cases of Gen AI’s impact on job seekers and assessments.
  • Offer actionable insights to help you navigate the evolving landscape of recruitment technology.

Before you register, please make sure to read a note from our legal team.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: The RPO Advantage

Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: The RPO Advantage

Attracting and retaining top talent is a massive challenge in today’s competitive healthcare landscape. Unlike other sectors, a miscalculation in hiring the wrong candidates can have severe consequences for patients.

That’s where Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) comes in.

In this ebook, Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: The RPO Advantage, you’ll discover how RPO can revolutionize your healthcare organization’s talent acquisition strategy. We’ll explore:

  • The unique hiring challenges facing the healthcare industry and how RPO addresses them head-on
  • The benefits of partnering with an RPO provider, from cost savings to improved candidate quality
  • Real-world case studies showcasing RPO’s impact in healthcare settings

Join the growing number of forward-thinking healthcare talent acquisition and HR leaders who have partnered with RPO providers to stay ahead of the competition. Download our ebook today!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

PeopleScout Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

PeopleScout’s scalable recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions are backed by experience, insight and action to connect you with the talent you need.

Download this fact sheet to learn more about our RPO solutions.

Learn more about PeopleScout RPO and get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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Ultimate Recruitment Process Outsourcing Toolkit

Ultimate Recruitment Process Outsourcing Toolkit

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Buyer’s Guide
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Buyer’s Guide

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The Skills Crisis Countdown: The Clock is Ticking on Tackling Skills Gaps
Research Report

The Skills Crisis Countdown: The Clock is Ticking on Tackling Skills Gaps

Our latest research shows a detailed picture of the current state of skills in the global workforce and how HR leaders are preparing for the impending skills crisis

Skills-Based Hiring: Could It Be the Solution to Your Recruitment Challenges?

Recruiting the right talent has always been a tough nut to crack for any company. And it’s becoming an even bigger challenge. Low unemployment rates, shifting workforce preferences and skills gaps make recruiting harder than ever. However, a proven solution has emerged that can expand access to talent and meet diversity goals while fueling business performance—skills-based hiring.  

The goal of skills-based hiring is to match candidates not based solely on degrees or past job titles, but rather on their current, demonstrated skills aligned with role requirements. It aims to judge applicants equitably on what they can do rather than what’s on their résumé or CV. This approach opens your talent pool to a wider range of qualified candidates who may have been overlooked using traditional hiring methods. 

Let’s explore what skills-based hiring entails, why more employers are embracing it and how you can get started. 

What is Skills-Based Hiring? 

As the name implies, skills-based hiring focuses on a candidate’s demonstrated skills and competencies rather than traditional qualifications like education, years of experience or work history. The emphasis is on relevant skills rather than “paper” credentials. For example, instead of requiring a college degree, a skills-based employer might list must-have abilities like sales, communication, analytical thinking, etc.  

The hiring process itself focuses on skills fit. Interviews and talent assessments gauge how a candidate’s skillset maps to a role’s requirements. In this way, skills-based hiring removes barriers for underrepresented groups and instead gauges whether someone can actually perform well according to the role’s core skills. The goal is to judge candidates objectively and find the best match for the job.  

Skills in the Workplace 

So, what skills should companies actually evaluate with skills-based hiring? Skills in the workplace are made up of three key components: 

  1. Hard Skills / Technical Skills: These are the expertise areas like programming languages (i.e., phython, Java), data analysis, financial modeling, and other role-specific knowledge. While they’re crucial for many jobs, they actually make up a small fraction of the overall skills picture. 
  1. Soft Skills: Often undervalued, soft skills in the workplace, like problem-solving, emotional intelligence, communication and critical thinking are the grease that allows hard skills to operate smoothly. For most roles outside of niche specialties, these human skills make up the vast majority of what’s needed for success. 
  1. Values Alignment and Organizational Fit: Less about executing the day-to-day work, this is about whether someone’s personality, mindset and motivations mesh with the company culture and values. It’s about determining if the candidate embodies the attitudes and behaviors you want to see in the role and at your organization. 

Benefits of a Skills-First Approach: From Engagement to Productivity 

The potential benefits of skills-based hiring are plentiful. It can expand your talent pool, increase diversity by reducing bias toward pedigree over performance, improve internal mobility, and better align employees to roles they’ll thrive in.  

Organizations that embrace skills-based recruiting experience: 

Not only does skills-based hiring boost performance and quality of hire, but it also enhances your employer brand, accelerates ramp up and improves retention. 

3 Steps to Get Started with Skills-Based Hiring Today 

So, how can companies start becoming more skills-based in their hiring today? The reality is that nearly one in two HR leaders admit to a lack of understanding around skills-based best practices.  

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing, enterprise-wide overhaul. Here are three steps to start putting skills-based hiring in focus: 

1. Understand the roles that you have. 

The first step in skills-based hiring is to break down the roles you’re looking to fill into the specific skills required for success. Start with one role or a set of roles. What hard skills (technical abilities) and soft skills (personal attributes) drive top performance in each position? Collaborate with your high performers to identify these key competencies and create detailed skills profiles for each role. These profiles should be action-oriented, specific, and avoid vague or subjective requirements. 

With skills profiles in hand, you can craft job descriptions that communicate the essential abilities candidates need upfront. This transparency not only attracts better-matched applicants but also sets clear expectations from the start. Consider removing degree requirements if they’re not absolutely necessary, as LinkedIn data shows that job ads listing skills tend to receive more applicants. 

2. Understand people.  

In a skills-based approach, you’ll evaluate candidates based on their personal skills profiles – their demonstrated hard and soft skills relevant to the role. Implement validated, data-driven assessments like coding tests, writing samples, or Excel modeling exercises to consistently measure these abilities during the hiring process. Grade candidate responses objectively against your predefined skill criteria on a scale. This data-driven approach helps minimize unconscious bias.  

3. Align roles with people.  

Structure your interviews to probe candidates’ proficiency in key skills through situational judgment questions and opportunities to demonstrate their competencies. Skills-based interviews, combined with detailed skills profiles for both roles and candidates, will help you make smarter, more informed talent decisions. Hire skilled individuals who match the role requirements, identify reskilling needs for existing employees, or reject candidates who don’t meet the necessary competencies.  

Skills-Based Hiring & RPO: Goodbye Credentials. Hello Skills. 

Skills-based hiring is still an emerging practice, but it offers companies an intriguing way to modernize talent acquisition. By focusing on what people can actually do instead of just their past experiences and credentials, you may uncover hidden gems and build higher-performing teams.  

While making the shift to skills-based hiring practices takes time and effort, partnering with a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider can accelerate your transition to building a future-fit workforce through this approach. An RPO partner offers the strategic guidance and operational expertise to embed skills at the core of your talent practices. They can help you carefully define and communicate role-specific skills and design fair and consistent talent assessments

With the support of an RPO partner like PeopleScout, you can embed fairness and future-readiness into your talent strategies, building a more skilled, capable workforce prepared to drive your organization’s success. 

PeopleScout Recruiter On-Demand™ for Healthcare

PeopleScout Recruiter On-Demand™ for Healthcare

If your organization is struggling to recruit among the healthcare talent shortage or your internal recruiting resources are stretched thin, Recruiter On-Demand™ is a project-based recruitment solution that can drastically improve your

Download this fact sheet to learn more.

Learn more about PeopleScout’s healthcare talent solutions.

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Skills Shortage in Healthcare: Tackling the Lack of Healthcare Professionals

Skills Shortage in Healthcare: Tackling the Lack of Healthcare Professionals

Tips to tackle the skills shortage in healthcare

PeopleScout Company Overview

PeopleScout Company Overview

Global talent solutions providing unmatched scalability to meet the professional, specialist, volume and contingent hiring needs of organizations of all sizes and sectors.

Download this fact sheet to learn more.

Learn more about PeopleScout’s award-winning talent solutions.

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Ultimate Recruitment Process Outsourcing Toolkit

Ultimate Recruitment Process Outsourcing Toolkit

Our complete six-piece toolkit gives you the essential information on how RPO can boost your recruitment outcomes.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Buyer’s Guide
Buyer’s Guide

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Buyer’s Guide

Check out this in-depth exploration of RPO and how it can help you achieve your recruitment goals.

Global Hiring and Labor Market Trends Affecting Recruitment in APAC 

Global Hiring and Labor Market Trends Affecting Recruitment in APAC 

Check out these labor market trends in APAC and their effect on talent acquisition in the region.

Connect More™: How PeopleScout is Elevating Your Connection to Talent 

In a world where the talent market is constantly evolving, PeopleScout knows that cultivating deeper, more meaningful connections is imperative. Now, as we unveil a refreshed identity, we build on the service we’ve delivered for over 30 years, delivering more insights, more imagination and more integrity.  

Connect More™ is our guiding principle. It reflects our unique approach that blends experience, insight and action to help employers build powerful connections with talent. 

We’re redefining what it means to a be talent acquisition partner.  

Too often we hear from clients about experiences they’ve had with other talent solutions providers in which one thing was said during the sales pitch only to have the stakes change once the ink was dry. Or times they’ve been forced into cookie-cutter processes that don’t support their unique needs. 

That’s why at PeopleScout we strive to do the opposite. We believe in keeping promises. We believe that listening creates a better experience and leads to better outcomes. We’re not perfect, but if we mess up, we make it right. 

We’re proud and humbled to say that this philosophy has led to some of the most enduring client relationships in the talent acquisition space—a testament to our commitment to creating connections that are truly meaningful. 

PeopleScout’s refreshed brand is grounded in differentiators that drive tangible value for our clients:  

Proven Delivery 

For over 30 years, PeopleScout has built our services on integrity, building trust through transparent communication and a proven track record of success.  

What That Means for You: 

You get a talent partner like no other to help you tackle your workforce challenges—large and small. Plus, as part of the TrueBlue family of brands, we are uniquely positioned to handle complex talent programs like no other firm in the world. 

Meaningful Connections 

PeopleScout has the demonstrated ability to connect with the most sought-after talent. From software engineers to neonatal nurses.  From Seattle to Singapore. 

What That Means for You: 

Our global delivery centers offer talent solutions across North America, EMEA and APAC, meaning we can grow with you as your needs change.  

Talent Advisory 

With one of the largest in-house talent advisory teams in the industry, we’ve got a wide range of experience with talent audiences across industries, skill sets, demographics and geographies. We are problem-solvers, creatives, organizational psychologists and operational experts.  

What That Means for You: 

Whether you need an award-winning candidate attraction campaign, a differentiated employer brand, market insights to fuel big decisions, a memorable candidate assessment experience or DE&I consulting—we have fresh ideas to help you stand out as an employer of choice. 

Data & Insights  

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. We’re dedicated to arming you with the sharable, digestible insights you need to tell the right stories in your business so you can stand out and get ahead.  

What That Means for You: 

You can capitalize on the latest market analysis, AI tools, thought leadership and competitive intelligence to supercharge your people strategy.  

Human Touch  

We bring a personal touch to our engagement with passive candidates that ignites excitement about your opportunities. From the second we grab the candidate’s attention to the minute they walk through the door—we deliver a seamless candidate experience that turns applicants into advocates. 

What That Means for You: 

Whether you need to fill executive, leadership or niche roles our global search teams deliver top-notch, future-ready talent. 

Digital Transformation  

As digital transformation reaches talent acquisition, we’re helping our clients get ahead. Affinix™, PeopleScout’s proprietary talent technology suite, provides candidates with a digital-first experience and leverages AI, automation and data analytics to remove friction and improve outcomes. Plus, we’re on top of the latest tech solutions, testing new ways that AI and machine learning can create results for our clients. 

What That Means for You: 

You get an upgraded tech-stack that delivers a consumer-like, mobile-first experience for candidates and a frictionless, informed journey for hiring managers. 

Ultimate Scalability  

We’ve scaled up to handle the full-cycle, global recruitment of tens of thousands of annual hires for one of the world’s largest hotel brands. We’ve scaled down to hire a few dozen specialist engineers for an automotive start up. And we’ve handled everything in between.  

What That Means for You: 

Whether you need specialty, professional, volume or contingent hiring solutions—our unique blend of insight, creativity and technology creates an employer brand-steeped candidate experience talent will never forget.  

Speed and Agility  

In this tumultuous era, talent acquisition teams are struggling to respond quickly to sudden fluctuations and hiring peaks. That’s why we’ve created flexible solutions like Accelerate™ and Amplifiers™. Purpose-built for modern talent programs, our solutions provide employers with the agility required to compete in today’s talent market, address immediate hiring needs and deliver results faster.   

What That Means for You: 

You get focused support for peak hiring, hard-to-fill positions, compressed time frames and more—however it works best for you—without the lengthy implementation.  


Organizations of all sizes trust PeopleScout’s efficient recruiting processes and quick-deploy solutions that improve time-to-hire and retention rates, delivering the best talent matches and maximizing ROI. 

What That Means for You: 

We measure our every move, idea and recommendation—so you know you’re spending your budget where it matters most. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) 

DE&I is top of mind for talent leaders, including all of us at PeopleScout. While much progress has been made, there’s still work to be done. That’s why every PeopleScout solution has a DE&I component. PeopleScout integrates DE&I best practices into every solution, helping clients build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.   

What That Means for You: 

We’ll help you gain a better grasp of where you are, where you need improvement and how to find the right path forward. 

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Connection with Talent? 

PeopleScout’s deep expertise in recruitment, employer branding, talent attraction and recruitment technology makes us a recognized leader in talent acquisition. We connect clients around the world with the talent they need through Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Managed Service Provider (MSP), Total Workforce Solutions, and talent and technology advisory services.  

If you’re ready to elevate your connection with talent, let’s connect

Early Careers Recruitment Success for an Australian Construction Giant

Early Careers Recruitment Success for an Australian Construction Giant

Early Careers Recruitment

Early Careers Recruitment Success for an Australian Construction Giant

PeopleScout embarked on a strategic project to revitalize the graduate recruitment program for one of Australia’s largest development and construction companies. Through our early career talent expertise, we brought in more innovative approaches to candidate engagement and elevated the graduate recruitment experience, cutting renege rates in half.

18 Weeks Cut from Time Spent of Recruitment Activity
50 % of Graduate Hires Identified as a Woman
50 % Reduction in Candidate Drop Off & Reneges


One of Australia’s largest development and construction companies had a graduate recruitment program consisted of a short burst of marketing and campus engagement (six weeks), two recruitment phases in March (16 weeks) and August (12 weeks) and a long “keep warm” period. This approach heavily impacted their HR and recruitment teams as well as a line manager resource. Plus, the long recruitment process and keep warm periods resulted in drop off or renege rates of up to 30%.

They engaged PeopleScout to help them create a more efficient graduate recruitment process, while ensuring they connected with bright emerging talent.


Seeking to strengthen the connection with students and to drive more efficiency, we executed an early careers talent solution that shifted the focus of the campaign—adding more meaningful campus engagement (24 weeks) and one short, sharp recruitment window (10 weeks).

Laying the Foundation

The first step PeopleScout took in updating the program was to conduct in-depth job analysis interviews with a variety of stakeholders including: high performing graduates and interns, their line managers and visionaries across the business. This allowed us to develop a robust success profile, which defined what good looks like now and into the future.

Then we reviewed and updated the early careers value proposition and updated the campaign materials to tap into candidates looking to build a purpose-driven career. We also tailored our approach to ensure we connected with the client’s target diversity groups.

We created an always-on expression-of-interest portal for the client which allowed us to build a talent pool for the whole academic year. With the Affinix™ Student Engagement Platform, we delivered tailored content and shared employee stories showcasing ‘a day in the life’ and career journeys. This helped us to drive interest and change minds about a career in construction and property by myth-busting common misperceptions.

Campus Engagement

Recognising the importance of genuine and authentic communication, we identified graduate ambassadors across the breadth of the business. Moving away from pure reliance on careers fairs and job boards, our campaign involved the delivery of 38 student engagement events, including site tours, “meet the team” sessions and panels with female leaders leveraging our ambassadors.

Recruitment Process & Candidate Assessment

Now, having driven engagement with the target student population, it was important that the recruitment process was also effective, efficient and engaging. Our client had been following the traditional path of online testing, group assessment centres and hiring manager interviews to deliver their graduate program. But there was opportunity to ensure the process amplified their brand, provided candidates a realistic job preview, and levelled the playing field for all, enabling candidates to demonstrate their potential.

Using the insights from the internal client stakeholder interviews during our discover phase, we implemented the following changes:

  • Completely redesigned the assessment framework.
  • Adopted a CV-blind approach which helped to reduce unconscious bias.
  • Implemented a skills assessment in place of previous cognitive tests, which provided a more holistic view of the candidate, tapping into their motivation, cognitive strengths and behaviours, and measured the candidate against the client’s success profile.
  • Provided candidates with meaningful feedback reports, giving candidates an overview of their strengths and areas for development.
  • Revamped assessment centre exercises to bring the client’s construction project world to life, with candidates working together to deliver solutions involving the client’s core areas of focus, like community and sustainability.
  • Used our virtual assessment centre technology to encourage participation, especially for working candidates, rural candidates or those unable to afford the travel who previously experienced barriers during in-person events.
  • Leveraged our technology to improve accessibility for candidates with a disability and for those with ESL requirements.


  • Reduced time spent on recruitment activity from 28 weeks down to 10 weeks.
  • Achieved client diversity targets, with 50% of graduates hired identifying as women (compared with 15% of graduates with construction and engineering degrees identifying as women) and 3% of graduates hired identifying as First Nations (compared with 1% of graduates with construction engineering degrees identifying as First Nations).
  • Reduced candidate drop off and reneges from 30% to 14%.

“The process was very well run, and we had strong candidates. Thank you for the hard work and efforts with this program. It was a very thorough process with great results.”

Client Feedback

The enhanced engagement and innovative approach to assessment had an amazing impact on the client’s candidate Net Promoter Score (cNPS) with candidates rating their experience at 65, which is considered great. Candidate feedback was incredibly positive with a sample of feedback below:

  • “Very modern and innovative approach to the regular interview process. Allows busy applicants to complete in their own time.”
  • “The interview process was very innovative and provided additional insight into the role.”
  • “Overall has been a great experience. The assessment provided me with feedback that I can take into account in the future.”
  • “Very user friendly interface and didn’t feel demeaning or intimidating.”
  • “Thank you for making it such a smooth application process. I really appreciated all of the support provided, and I’m looking forward to working in such a supportive work environment. I also really appreciated the quick turnaround time for my application.”

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: Large development and construction company
  • INDUSTRY: Building & Construction
  • PEOPLESCOUT SOLUTIONS: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Affinix