Supporting Annual Graduate Recruitment for a Government Agency 

Supporting Annual Graduate Recruitment for a Government Agency

Early Careers Recruitment

Supporting Annual Graduate Recruitment for a Government Agency

PeopleScout supports the assessment center for a UK government agency’s annual graduate recruitment campaign for policy advisors to ensure candidate quality and fairness.

3,500 + applications assessed
140 candidates supported in assessment centers
4 weeks of assessment centers completed


This UK government agency runs an annual graduate recruitment campaign to hire quality early careers talent across their policy advisor team. They turned to PeopleScout to ensure this process remained consistent, fair and unbiased.  


The PeopleScout talent assessment team supports the agency’s graduate recruitment program each year, continuously improving campaigns year-on-year.  

Prior to the assessment center, PeopleScout organizes assessors to sift written exercises. Successful candidates then complete a bespoke Situational Judgement Test, which we designed specifically to assess how candidates would respond in true-to-life scenarios that employees will encounter in their roles at the agency. This sifts out approximately 30% of applicants who would be unlikely to succeed at the assessment center. 

Candidate then complete the assessment center, for which we provide assessors. The assessment includes a variety of exercises like role plays, interviews and structured policy conversations. These are freshly designed by the client each year, and PeopleScout supports by reviewing the materials for consistency and best practice.  

Our experienced assessment team provides an end-of-campaign analysis, adverse impact analysis and recommendations for continual improvement. For example, off the back of these recommendations, we worked collaboratively with our client to create an integration between Tazio and Microsoft Teams to create a smoother candidate and assessor experience in their virtual assessment centers.  


For this annual graduate recruitment campaign, PeopleScout assessed 3,697 applications, with 140 people completing the assessment center over 4 weeks. Ultimately, 53 candidates went on to work for the agency.  

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: UK Government Agency
  • INDUSTRY: Government & Public Sector
  • PEOPLESCOUT SOLUTIONS: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Advisory
  • ANNUAL HIRES: 50+ graduate policy advisors
  • ABOUT THE CLIENT: This UK government agency employs over 3,000 civil servants.

Creating a Values-Based Interview Framework for More Equitable Hiring

Creating a Values-Based Interview Framework for More Equitable Hiring

Talent Consutling

Creating a Values-Based Interview Framework for More Equitable Hiring

This UK airport wanted to create a more standardised process for interviews based on their organisational values. As their long-time RPO partner, PeopleScout’s Assessment Design team created a values-based interview framework to support hiring for six levels of seniority from entry level to director.


The airport’s talent acquisition leaders noticed that different teams across their organisation were conducting different types of interviews. They wanted to create a standardised process for interviews, which both measured potential and ensured fairness. They also wanted to embed their company values into their assessment process to secure talent who are in alignment with their organisational culture. 

This company turned to their RPO partner, PeopleScout, to transform their values into a multi-level interview framework.  


Our Assessment Design team got to work conducting desk research into the client’s existing values and created a template which was populated throughout the project. Consulting with the client in an iterative way, the designers set clear definitions for the values and created a collection of questions for each value. The client’s team reviewed a variety of options for interview question styles and decided what worked for them.  

These questions also corresponded to six levels of seniority—from entry level to director—totalling 36 banks of question. The question banks were organised in such a way that interviewers at the organisation could easily pick and mix questions for their needs. We also delivered scoring criteria to ensure fairness for all candidates.  


In the recruitment process, the new values-based interview framework has standardised and streamlined the interview stage. Now, our client is building the questions into an internal tech platform to make the interview process even easier for hiring managers.  

Beyond recruiting, the new framework has applications across the entire organisation to help employees understand how the organisation’s values are manifested in their role. This has catalysed a cultural change within the organisation as employees at all levels are thinking more about how they embody this company’s values in their daily work.  

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: UK Airport
  • INDUSTRY: Travel & Tourism
  • PEOPLESCOUT SOLUTIONS: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Advisory
  • ABOUT THE CLIENT: This UK airport has nearly 75,000 employees, making it one of the country’s largest single-site employers.

[Webinar] Hype or Happening? What Our Data Tells Us About AI in Recruiting

Webinar: Hype or Happening? What Our Data Tells Us About AI in Recruiting

We are bombarded with hype about the disruptive power of Generative AI, or Gen AI, on recruitment, including doom-laden, worst-case scenario predictions and claims that our existing talent assessment methods are already obsolete.

It is hard to make sense of all this to come to informed decisions about how we should respond to the new era of Gen AI. Much of what we see and hear is based on opinions, and the research reported focuses on the potential to disrupt rather than revealing the reality of what is actually happening right now.

At PeopleScout, we have responded to this confusion and lack of useful evidence by doing our own research. We wanted to look for evidence of real use cases and impact of Gen AI on job changers and live assessments—and what we found shines a different light on how candidates are using Gen AI in the real world.

Join us on Thursday 1 August at 10:00 GMT for a 30-minute webinar.


During this webinar, we will:

  • Debunk common myths and hype about Gen AI in recruiting.
  • Present real-world data and use cases of Gen AI’s impact on job seekers and assessments.
  • Offer actionable insights to help you navigate the evolving landscape of recruitment technology.

Before you register, please make sure to read a note from our legal team.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: The RPO Advantage

Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: The RPO Advantage

Attracting and retaining top talent is a massive challenge in today’s competitive healthcare landscape. Unlike other sectors, a miscalculation in hiring the wrong candidates can have severe consequences for patients.

That’s where Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) comes in.

In this ebook, Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: The RPO Advantage, you’ll discover how RPO can revolutionize your healthcare organization’s talent acquisition strategy. We’ll explore:

  • The unique hiring challenges facing the healthcare industry and how RPO addresses them head-on
  • The benefits of partnering with an RPO provider, from cost savings to improved candidate quality
  • Real-world case studies showcasing RPO’s impact in healthcare settings

Join the growing number of forward-thinking healthcare talent acquisition and HR leaders who have partnered with RPO providers to stay ahead of the competition. Download our ebook today!

Changing Perceptions Across Asia with a New Employer Brand for a Beverage Manufacturer 

Changing Perceptions Across Asia with a New Employer Brand for a Beverage Manufacturer

Employer Branding in Asia

Changing Perceptions Across Asia with a New Employer Brand for a Beverage Manufacturer

A global beverage manufacturer and distributor engaged PeopleScout for a localized EVP and employer brand to boost their reputation amongst emerging talent in several markets across Asia.


This global beverage manufacturer and distributor engaged in an internal strategic review of their corporate vision and purpose, which led to looking at their corporate brand and strategy for the future. The company’s people and culture team delved into how to ensure everyone in the organization is aligned with the strategy and how they could contribute to the business’s future success. Having developed a global employer value proposition (EVP) to support the strategy, a critical part of the roll out was to ensure it resonated with the specific cultural nuances of the APAC labor market, spanning such diverse countries as China, Japan, South Korea, India and Vietnam.  

The client engaged PeopleScout’s Talent Advisory team to localize their overarching EVP and employer brand to make it relevant for the candidate audience in each APAC market. It needed to be flexible in order to help them navigate cultural differences, target specific talent segments and address local recruiting challenges. 

The majority of the organization’s recruitment in APAC is for early careers and graduate talent, with roles in sales, marketing, product development, technology, consumer insights and more. There were five main challenges at play: 

  1. Emerging talent viewed working for this organization as a short-term option, not as a destination for a long-term career. Misperceptions about consumer goods brands in the region meant that people saw the beverage manufacturer as a place where early careers talent thrives, rather than where all talent thrives.
  2. In some Asian markets, there’s a lot of pressure on early careers employees to choose the right career. The consumer goods industry is not seen as a prestigious career path. 
  3. Cultural sensitivities around alcoholic beverages—which this client specializes in—created an additional challenge to overcome in some of their Asian markets. 
  4. The beverage manufacturer owns a portfolio of multiple well-known consumer brands and different brands are stronger in different markets. But, the client’s corporate employer brand itself is not well known. They needed to find a way to capitalize on their consumer brands to create recognition for their employer brand. 
  5. The beverage manufacturer was struggling to recruit for emerging roles in fields such as digital and data science, as their brand was not associated with these types of jobs. 

We set out to create a new employer brand that would help the client better manage candidate expectations, inject authenticity into their messaging and solidify what they had to offer emerging talent in APAC. 


We started with a comprehensive exploration of data from multiple sources including competitive analysis, industry benchmarking, employer review sites, campus surveys, employee engagement surveys and exit interviews. Through the rigorous analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, we identified gaps and opportunities for each market.  

We also conducted visionary interviews with leaders in APAC to understand how they were executing the corporate strategy locally and how local culture in their various markets would impact this vision. This helped us to understand the aspiration for the employee experience and the behaviors that the business needed to achieve success. 

Then, we spoke to employees across key talent groups and demographics through a series of focus groups to understand their real working experience. From conducting previous projects in Asia, we knew that we had to be creative in the ways we gathered insights to respect cultural norms while still gathering good intel. We came away with a clear picture of what attracted and motivated talent across career stages and cultures as well as what could lead to attrition. 

With this in hand, we built an EVP framework that laid out the “give and get” for employees in each market. The framework was designed to leverage the corporate EVP whilst being flexible enough to resonate in each country. Certain messages could be dialed up or down to match the attractors and motivators for talent in each country. We rigorously tested the framework with employees in each market to stretch and test each brand pillar and ensure the EVP was both robust and future-proof.  

The next stage was to bring the employer brand to life with a universal creative platform for the APAC business tied to the manufacturer’s consumer brands in markets where the group brand was unknown.  

To create sharable content for the client’s careers site and social media channels, we interviewed more employees, gathering stories to boost authenticity through both written and video content.   


As a result of the employer brand engagement, PeopleScout produced the following outputs for the beverage manufacturer: 

  • A robust, validated EVP framework with clear promises for talent in each Asian market. 
  • Insights into key attractors and motivators for each talent segment to inform their future sourcing strategy. 
  • An employer brand and messaging framework to inform talent attraction campaigns. 
  • Localized recruitment marketing toolkit for each country to activate their new employer brand for various languages and cultures.  
  • A roadmap for people and culture initiatives to drive employee engagement and retention. 
  • Recruitment marketing collateral to support campus recruitment in China for the next academic year.  

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: Global beverage manufacturer
  • INDUSTRY: Consumer Goods
  • LOCATIONS: China, Japan, South Korea, India and Vietnam

PeopleScout Company Overview

PeopleScout Company Overview

Global talent solutions providing unmatched scalability to meet the professional, specialist, volume and contingent hiring needs of organizations of all sizes and sectors.

Download this fact sheet to learn more.

Learn more about PeopleScout’s award-winning talent solutions.

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Ultimate Recruitment Process Outsourcing Toolkit

Ultimate Recruitment Process Outsourcing Toolkit

Our complete six-piece toolkit gives you the essential information on how RPO can boost your recruitment outcomes.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Buyer’s Guide
Buyer’s Guide

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Buyer’s Guide

Check out this in-depth exploration of RPO and how it can help you achieve your recruitment goals.

Global Hiring and Labor Market Trends Affecting Recruitment in APAC 

Global Hiring and Labor Market Trends Affecting Recruitment in APAC 

Check out these labor market trends in APAC and their effect on talent acquisition in the region.

Connect More™: How PeopleScout is Elevating Your Connection to Talent 

In a world where the talent market is constantly evolving, PeopleScout knows that cultivating deeper, more meaningful connections is imperative. Now, as we unveil a refreshed identity, we build on the service we’ve delivered for over 30 years, delivering more insights, more imagination and more integrity.  

Connect More™ is our guiding principle. It reflects our unique approach that blends experience, insight and action to help employers build powerful connections with talent. 

We’re redefining what it means to a be talent acquisition partner.  

Too often we hear from clients about experiences they’ve had with other talent solutions providers in which one thing was said during the sales pitch only to have the stakes change once the ink was dry. Or times they’ve been forced into cookie-cutter processes that don’t support their unique needs. 

That’s why at PeopleScout we strive to do the opposite. We believe in keeping promises. We believe that listening creates a better experience and leads to better outcomes. We’re not perfect, but if we mess up, we make it right. 

We’re proud and humbled to say that this philosophy has led to some of the most enduring client relationships in the talent acquisition space—a testament to our commitment to creating connections that are truly meaningful. 

PeopleScout’s refreshed brand is grounded in differentiators that drive tangible value for our clients:  

Proven Delivery 

For over 30 years, PeopleScout has built our services on integrity, building trust through transparent communication and a proven track record of success.  

What That Means for You: 

You get a talent partner like no other to help you tackle your workforce challenges—large and small. Plus, as part of the TrueBlue family of brands, we are uniquely positioned to handle complex talent programs like no other firm in the world. 

Meaningful Connections 

PeopleScout has the demonstrated ability to connect with the most sought-after talent. From software engineers to neonatal nurses.  From Seattle to Singapore. 

What That Means for You: 

Our global delivery centers offer talent solutions across North America, EMEA and APAC, meaning we can grow with you as your needs change.  

Talent Advisory 

With one of the largest in-house talent advisory teams in the industry, we’ve got a wide range of experience with talent audiences across industries, skill sets, demographics and geographies. We are problem-solvers, creatives, organizational psychologists and operational experts.  

What That Means for You: 

Whether you need an award-winning candidate attraction campaign, a differentiated employer brand, market insights to fuel big decisions, a memorable candidate assessment experience or DE&I consulting—we have fresh ideas to help you stand out as an employer of choice. 

Data & Insights  

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. We’re dedicated to arming you with the sharable, digestible insights you need to tell the right stories in your business so you can stand out and get ahead.  

What That Means for You: 

You can capitalize on the latest market analysis, AI tools, thought leadership and competitive intelligence to supercharge your people strategy.  

Human Touch  

We bring a personal touch to our engagement with passive candidates that ignites excitement about your opportunities. From the second we grab the candidate’s attention to the minute they walk through the door—we deliver a seamless candidate experience that turns applicants into advocates. 

What That Means for You: 

Whether you need to fill executive, leadership or niche roles our global search teams deliver top-notch, future-ready talent. 

Digital Transformation  

As digital transformation reaches talent acquisition, we’re helping our clients get ahead. Affinix™, PeopleScout’s proprietary talent technology suite, provides candidates with a digital-first experience and leverages AI, automation and data analytics to remove friction and improve outcomes. Plus, we’re on top of the latest tech solutions, testing new ways that AI and machine learning can create results for our clients. 

What That Means for You: 

You get an upgraded tech-stack that delivers a consumer-like, mobile-first experience for candidates and a frictionless, informed journey for hiring managers. 

Ultimate Scalability  

We’ve scaled up to handle the full-cycle, global recruitment of tens of thousands of annual hires for one of the world’s largest hotel brands. We’ve scaled down to hire a few dozen specialist engineers for an automotive start up. And we’ve handled everything in between.  

What That Means for You: 

Whether you need specialty, professional, volume or contingent hiring solutions—our unique blend of insight, creativity and technology creates an employer brand-steeped candidate experience talent will never forget.  

Speed and Agility  

In this tumultuous era, talent acquisition teams are struggling to respond quickly to sudden fluctuations and hiring peaks. That’s why we’ve created flexible solutions like Accelerate™ and Amplifiers™. Purpose-built for modern talent programs, our solutions provide employers with the agility required to compete in today’s talent market, address immediate hiring needs and deliver results faster.   

What That Means for You: 

You get focused support for peak hiring, hard-to-fill positions, compressed time frames and more—however it works best for you—without the lengthy implementation.  


Organizations of all sizes trust PeopleScout’s efficient recruiting processes and quick-deploy solutions that improve time-to-hire and retention rates, delivering the best talent matches and maximizing ROI. 

What That Means for You: 

We measure our every move, idea and recommendation—so you know you’re spending your budget where it matters most. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) 

DE&I is top of mind for talent leaders, including all of us at PeopleScout. While much progress has been made, there’s still work to be done. That’s why every PeopleScout solution has a DE&I component. PeopleScout integrates DE&I best practices into every solution, helping clients build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.   

What That Means for You: 

We’ll help you gain a better grasp of where you are, where you need improvement and how to find the right path forward. 

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Connection with Talent? 

PeopleScout’s deep expertise in recruitment, employer branding, talent attraction and recruitment technology makes us a recognized leader in talent acquisition. We connect clients around the world with the talent they need through Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Managed Service Provider (MSP), Total Workforce Solutions, and talent and technology advisory services.  

If you’re ready to elevate your connection with talent, let’s connect

Redesigning the Early Careers Assessment Process for a UK Construction Leader

Redesigning the Early Careers Assessment Process for a UK Construction Leader

Redesigning the Early Careers Assessment Process for a UK Construction Leader

One of the largest construction, property and development companies in the United Kingdom engaged PeopleScout to design and build a new assessment center to boost diversity amongst their early career talent.

93 % reduction in candidate pool through new situational application sift stage
81 % pass rate after bespoke assessment center


Over the past several years, this privately owned development, property and construction organization have increased the hiring of early career talent across multiple functions and departments. With a focus on increasing diversity and inclusion across their business areas, the early careers intake process was identified as an important way to achieve this. They wanted to create an assessment center that was unique, created a positive candidate experience and delivered quality, diverse talent who demonstrate behaviors in-line with their culture.

This client’s early career schemes recruit for a large variety of roles in many different business areas. However, they needed all candidates to go through the same assessment center, so the new assessment design needed to balance the needs of all departments and efficiently assess individual people. Plus, they needed adaptable exercises and scoring which could be appropriate for both apprenticeship and graduate scheme applicants.

This organization wanted the assessment center to create an excellent candidate experience and for candidates to feel like they gained a valuable experience in the process. The format needed to be engaging and fun, showcasing their values and the kind of work they do.


We took a phased approach to our assessment design solution for our client.

Discovery Phase

Our discovery efforts consisted of gathering information from stakeholders across the company. We ran focus groups with current early careers talent and conducted visionary interviews with senior stakeholders. We also facilitated focus groups with the internal early careers recruitment team.

Through these sessions, as well as carrying out desk research on the job descriptions, we gained an understanding of skills and experience required from early careers employees. Then, we defined the key issues in the current assessment framework and came up with the concepts for the new assessment center to better the client’s needs.

Through the discussion it was decided to have three distinct exercises which followed the same story but didn’t rely on each other. In the previous assessment center if candidates didn’t fully understand one exercise, it would have a knock-on effect on their ability to carry out the next one.

We decided on an overarching fictional project scenario to thread throughout all exercises at the assessment center which was applicable to all business areas. It would also act as a realistic job preview.

Design Phase

We designed a new assessment framework consisting of:

  • A bespoke new situational application sift process
  • A new video interview stage
  • A bespoke assessment center

For the assessment center, we designed a new group exercise, a case study presentation exercise and an interview. We designed a unique group exercise and case study exercise for apprentices and graduates and the interview was applicable for both.

I addition to the designing the exercises themselves, we created scoring guides and candidate briefs for all exercises. Plus, we generated a timetable for the day of the assessment as well as[PG2]  a briefing presentation so the client could inform candidates at the beginning of day of what was coming.

Testing Phase

We started with a pilot assessment center to test the new process. Members of the PeopleScout assessment team facilitated a virtual assessment center day, during which internal stakeholders acted as the assessors and current employees played candidates. This was hosted on TopScore, so the client was able to stress test their virtual platform of choice.

After the pilot, we ran focus group feedback sessions with a group of the assessors and a group of the mock candidates to gather insights and perceptions on the materials as well as anything which could be amended to aid understanding. Finally, we held a debrief session with the members of the company’s early careers team to get clear on what amends we would make.

We implemented our client’s feedback and sent the finalised materials to the client, ready for the real assessment centers. We ran a “train the trainer” session for their assessors so they could execute the assessment center going forward.


This organization received over 3,800 applicants for their early careers programme, and the new application sift stage allowed the client to filter down their candidate pool to 239. They also felt confident in the quality of the candidates who made it through to the assessment center, with 81% passing. Plus, when looking at pass/fail ratios, we saw no adverse impact at assessment center for gender, ethnicity or disability.

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: One of the UK’s largest construction, property and development companies
  • INDUSTRY: Building & Construction

Talent Consulting from PeopleScout Lays the Foundation for a Winning RPO Partnership 

Talent Consulting from PeopleScout Lays the Foundation for a Winning RPO Partnership

Talent Diagnostic

Talent Consulting from PeopleScout Lays the Foundation for a Winning RPO Partnership

When a world-famous consumer goods brand split into two separate companies, their talent acquisition team needed help developing a sustainable strategy to support the future growth of two brands. They turned to PeopleScout and our Talent Diagnostic solution for help optimizing their talent acquisition strategy to prepare for this critical transition.


A world-famous consumer goods brand that specialized in breakfast foods and snacks engaged PeopleScout to support an over-extended in-house recruitment team. With our Recruiter On-Demand™ solution, our flex recruiters augmented their team, and we provided some much-needed sourcing technology through our Affinix™ CRM.   

After a three-year partnership, the company split into two brands, one for breakfast cereals and one for snacks, throwing the talent acquisition team into new territory.  


To support the transition to two distinct companies—and two talent acquisition teams—the client engaged PeopleScout for our Talent Diagnostic solution, part of the Amplifiers™ suite. They wanted an objective analysis of their talent acquisition model, including a renewed focus on finding high-quality candidates in highly competitive rural markets. 

PeopleScout facilitated over 20 interviews with various stakeholders and assessed the entire talent lifecycle. Our final report gave an overview of:  

  • The current state of their talent lifecycle  
  • Recommendations to streamline their processes and create a more consistent candidate experience to improve quality and equity 
  • Technology recommendations and tactics to optimize their recruitment channels for larger, more diverse candidate pools 


Following the presentation of the findings from the Talent Diagnostic, the client engaged PeopleScout for full-cycle RPO for their new snack brand to execute the recommendations we developed.  

“The expertise from the PeopleScout team created a big lift with little lead time and a tight timeline for deliverables. I appreciate their thoughts, partnership and flexibility while we worked to align our approach with HR and our leadership.”

HR Director, Global Consumer Goods Brand 

At a Glance

  • COMPANY: Global consumer goods brand
  • INDUSTRY: Consumer Goods
  • PEOPLESCOUT SOLUTIONS: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Advisory, Affinix
  • ABOUT THE CLIENT: This multinational food manufacturing company specializes in breakfast and snack foods that are manufactured and marketed in over 180 countries.

DE&I Consulting

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Consulting

PeopleScout’s proprietary DE&I Maturity Index consists of three audits to evaluate how your employer brand, candidate experience and talent assessments are performing against your DE&I goals.

Download this fact sheet to learn more about we can help you explore ways to reduce unconscious bias, boost retention and attract diverse talent.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Consulting

Learn more about PeopleScout’s Talent Advisory solutions.

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